The Engagement Group

Our vision is a coherent, connected engagement experience which supports all stages of the development timeline.

Our Approach connects on-the-ground and online engagement methods to create and demonstrate lasting social value. This increases support and helps secure investment in new development.

Rethinking Community Engagement

The Problem
If you believe in community engagement, but have been frustrated with the process and results – we understand. Capturing the public’s input into vision-setting and design is crucial for creating better places. But for stakeholders on all sides this can often feel disjointed and tokenistic.

Our Solution
The Engagement Group brings together four organisations, with a range of complementary skills and experience in the built environment and community engagement. Together, we can help clients engage with communities face to face and online at all stages of the development process.

Who we are

We are engagement specialists in the built environment with a range of experience across all stages of the development process.

Step 01

Master Planning

What we do

An end to end engagement journey

Vision-setting, master planning and partner selection

  • Understand and establish local context, aspirations and concerns to inform plans.
  • Ensure plans align with stakeholder’s ambitions and needs.
  • Set objectives and criteria for developer/partner selection.
  • Establish societal value metrics for use throughout project.

Step 02

Planning Submission

Design, consultation and planning application

  • Understand and maximise the social value of designs and proposals.
  • Enable communities to have a voice to contribute, participate and collaborate on design.
  • Facilitate community workshops and establish other approaches to enable involvement from a diverse range of stakeholders.
  • Build a robust data set on stakeholder priorities and demonstrate how people’s input is used and understood.

Step 03

Design Development & Construction

Procurement, construction and planning for occupation

  • Establish social value and engagement metrics that make sense to stakeholders and underpin procurement, design development and construction.
  • Sustain engagement with communities during building works.
  • Establish structures to enhance engagement and social value during occupation and use.
  • Measure progress against agreed objectives and take corrective action where required.

Step 04

Occupy and use

Procurement, construction and planning for occupation

  • Collect feedback to determine whether intended outcomes are delivered.
  • Implement corrective action where needed.
  • Share key findings honestly with all stakeholders to support continual improvement.
  • Conduct annual review for 5-10 years after completion.

Collective experience


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